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From the Experts in Plastic

Rutland Plastics' rapid prototyping service uses the latest technology to bring you plastic prototypes that are as close as you can get to the injection moulded product. These high quality prototypes can withstand rigorous product testing giving you confidence in the final design before investing in an injection mould tool.

High Resolution, durable plastic prototypes with smooth surfaces, fine details and moving parts can be produced via our 3D Printer. More than 100 different grades of polymer can be replicated - ABS, Polypropylene, flexible rubber-like materials from Shore 27A to 95A as well as transparent and high temperature with high impact.

Developing products frequently requires multiple materials. This can make the development process, and rapid prototyping in particular, complicated. The Objet process of using multiple materials simultaneously overcomes this problem. Rutland Plastics' Object Connex printer offers the unique ability to print parts and assemblies made of multiple materials, with different mechanical properties, all in a single build.

The use of this particular 3D printing rapid prototyping process has also opened up possibilities for low volume production.

Because Rutland Plastics is an injection moulder we bring a unique insight to rapid prototyping, advising you on design and materials at the outset. This means that your plastic prototypes accurately reflect what is achievable with injection moulding.